Glasses customisation, what does it mean?
For different brands it can mean different things. What does it mean to Ronit Furst? Bearing in mind we are all about colour and hand painted frames,
I think you can guess what our customisation is all about. We are proud to offer this service, it’s quite a popular service too. If you haven’t heard about it, let us explain.
On our website when you find a frame you love, you just need to follow a few simple steps. Here is an example, if you wish to purchase frame 3472...
1.     Click on frame 3472
2.     Scroll through the small circles to find the colour you want. When you hover over the circles, you will see a code pop up and that is the colour code          (it is either a number or a combination of numbers and letters)
3.     If you just scroll down a little, you will see the estimated delivery time. Next to that on your right, there is a button that says customise your frame.          Click on that button
4.     A drop-down will appear with options
5.     Then you just need to fill in what you’d like to have hand written inside of your frame
6.     You love the colour of the frame but don’t love the colour of the temples as much? You can change them to any temple colour you wish
It’s that simple to have your very own pair of customised Ronit Furst and the best of all, we offer this service free of charge to all our customers.
A unique pair of Ronit Furst that no one else will have. Our customisation service actually makes quite a popular gift for your loved ones too.
Believe it or not, the most popular request we get is to have a phone number written inside the temple so if they go missing hopefully someone will contact you and your Ronit Furst will be returned to you. What a great idea!

Our customisation service is available to customers worldwide but there are a few exceptions where you’d need to go to a local stockist. 
If you are unsure please contact us and we can advise you.  If you’d prefer not to order online, your customisation order can be made via one of our stockists. Just make sure you have all the right information such as model number, colour code and what you’d like to customise.
We’ll get the order through and create a piece of art for your face.  In about 3-4 weeks time you’ll get to show them off.