Started in 2001, Ronit Furst is the world’s first ever eye-wear company to introduce a vibrant collection of frames intricately hand painted by select artists.

Recognized for its peppy colours, fashion-forward style and authenticity, this line of niche frames brightens and inspires all ages. Light-weight, skin-tone enhancing and eye-catching, Ronit prides herself on the sophistication of her 3900 frame variations. Manufactured in northern Israel, Ronit and her team of painters work closely together to create new and exciting dimensions to her line.

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Ronit Furst was educated as a ceramicist and traveled the world to enhance her craft. After many years of serving the five-star hospitality industry in the Mediterranean, Ronit coincidentally fell into the optical world. On a lazy Saturday day morning in Tel Aviv, Israel, she took her brush strokes to a pair of acetate frames and began to create. That evening, she wore the frames out on the town and literally stopped traffic. On receiving her fifth compliment, her business partner and husband, Ehud, turned to his wife and announced that they now had a new calling.

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Visiting many cities, participating in various trade shows and getting featured in the Montreal Gazette, Toronto’s The Globe and Mail, the Furst family is humbled and thrilled by Canada’s interest in their highly personalized, authentic frames.  Dare to be Original, we ask you to “Choose Furst!”

  • Jan 10, 2017