Precious Metals

As an artist, my fascination with shapes, colors and materials is multifaceted and limitless. I aspire to explore and create as many techniques, styles and branches as possible.

This multidisciplinary approach led me to incorporate gold, silver and bronze - as I did with my sculpting at the time - in eyeglasses frames, using a technique called Gilding.

Gilding is an artform with ancient roots; It means carving intricate drawings or patterns on thin layers of bronze, silver or gold. The decorative addition is stunning and adds a dash of luxury to the overall appearance of the gilded object.

The egyptians used it with wood and metals, the greek sculptors added it to their creations, the Romans gilded the ceiling of their temples and in India and tibet statues of Hindu gods were decorated to an impressive detail with this technique.

But Gold & Silver Gilding is maybe best known from the gilded frames of Renaissance and Baroque paintings. These frames elevated the paintings, highlighted the craftsmanship that went into creating them and enhanced their presence.

The gilding in this collection’s frames performs in a similar way. Each is individually and meticulously handmade; The combination of rich colors and ornaments of gold, bronze and silver makes the pieces of the collection more than just a fashionable eyewear item - they are a work of art.