The process of creating a Ronit Furst Frame


Our main concern while developing a new style of frames is always comfort.
Even the brightest design will sit in a dark drawer if it is not comfortable and easy to wear all day long.
We invest many hours in fine tuning each style before giving it the "go ahead", and we ensure that each style we produce will be comfortable, balanced and reliable.
Our frames are made of CNC machined acetate and are equipped with OBE flexUno ® hinges.


Upon completion of the raw frame production, frames are transferred to the painting department and before painting can begin, they must undergo a couple of special procedures.
The first phase is a chemical resurfacing treatment that makes the surface of the frame extra smooth, followed by a thorough wash to remove any chemical residue or dust particles. This provides Ronit and our artisans with an impeccable "canvas" to paint on and this is where the fun begins.

The painting process of each frame takes between 5-7 days, requiring several pauses between painting to allow different layers to dry.
First we paint the base colors which are mostly water based colors that cover large areas and are the base of the pattern.

The second layer is of the smaller areas and is done with colors that allow us to maintain very distinctive "borders" between colors without a cross-fading effect.

The third layer is of the smallest details and our tiny embellishments that give our designs their unique touch. It is done with the use of extremely small paintbrushes and requires a very steady hand.

The final layer is the gold and silver gilding layer (in selected color variations). After the paint has dried we apply the precious metal leaf onto the frame with a technique more than 3,000 years old. The pieces of leafs are applied to the surface with pressure, and a special adhesive holds them in place.

At this point the frames are painted, gilded and ready to go. They are transferred to the final stage of production, the protective coating.

We wash the frames to remove any residue left from the painting process and they are carefully mounted and fed through a fully automated coating machine that covers the entire frame with either a clear shiny coating or a matt- anti scratch coating.

This is our production process in a nutshell; it is one of the longest and most complex in the eyewear industry if not the longest and most complex.

It combines old techniques such as painting and gilding together with high tech automatic CNC and coating machines.

The result is a modern piece of eyewear that features one of a kind design with the feel of a man made art. 
We invest so many hours in each frame because we believe that each frame that leaves our factory is a work of art to be cherished by its future wearer.