I have had these glasses for almost a year. Everyday I am complimented on my stunning glasses. They are very comfortable and wear well. Had an eye test today prescription stayed the same keeping these glasses but getting a second pair from this range. Last week I got my mother a really lovely frame from Ronit Furst range, mum very happy I took mum to optometrists today and they all loved her frames though they don’t stock this range but still will put her prescription into them. Will always buy these funky glasses from now on!


I just ordered a pair of your glasses I cannot wait until next week when they will be ready I am so excited


I have frame 16 and every day get complementary comments about them and am asked where to get them, such fun for a septuagenarian!


"I simply LOVE your artful designs. Thank you!"


"I simply love your eyeglasses, This is my second pair and I get stopped at least once a day asked on where I got my colorful glasses from, it became a part of my personality, Thank you!"


"I thought you might like to hear about my experience wearing your frames. They are turquoise/ red/ green with green/ red stripes and mustard on the side. I bought them about 6 months ago at my local optician. Every time I wear the glasses people smile at me, it's amazing. Many of them ask me where they came from, photograph them and want to know where they can buy them. They have produced the most positive reaction from complete strangers. I have just been to Hong Kong and I got the same reactions there. The Chinese are a bit more polite, they did not photograph me! Looking at these glasses made a lot of people very happy and they want to buy the same ones."


"The Very Best frames I've ever seen and I've been wearing glasses for 69 years!!!!! I've just got a new pair!"


"Hello! What fantastic frames you have! I know that that isn't news to you but I needed to say that."