Celebrating 20 Years of Ronit Furst Eyewear

Time flies when your creativity flows. It’s been 20 incredible years, full of color, joy and amazing people. This is a look back at the past two decades. 

In 2001, after relentlessly looking for colorful eyeglasses and coming up empty, I decided to make a pair of my own. I bought a clear frame, took some colors and started painting. My vision came to life by painting on the newly found “canvas” - the clear eyeglasses frame. The result was the first-ever Ronit Furst Eyewear design. The compliments weren't late to follow, and the requests from people started pouring in. 

Being a ceramic artist, sculpture and painter, creating captivating items was not new to me, but something about the frames sparked interest and curiosity in people. My inspiration followed, and I introduced the first Multicolor designs. 



Ehud, my husband, recognized the business potential and after a thorough study on manufacturing acetate hand-painted eyewear, we founded the ‘Art Optic Ltd.’ company. Shortly after, our frames were sold in optical stores worldwide.

Today, finding a unique, colorful frame is not as hard as it used to be. We were pioneers when we started, and 20 years down the line, my first designs are still best-sellers. Although we have introduced over a dozen new collections and many more new models, the DNA of our brand remained consistent. 

That kind of success doesn’t occur in a void. We were lucky enough to have amazing employees, collaborators and of course - customers. Your support kept us going from day one and we aspire to always remain innovative for you. We are so very grateful for your continued support. 



Stay tuned for an exciting announcement on our next collection. 




  • Kat

    I absolutely adore my glasses – people comment on them at least once a day even after 6 years they still look brand new – thank you

  • Judy

    I have been wearing your glasses for quite a few years now. I have two or three different pair. Not a day goes by, when at least two or three people stop me to tell me how much they love my glasses. It makes my day! I love the new collection. Hoping to pick out my next pair of glasses soon.

  • Kathleen

    Congratulations. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR FRAMES. I own 8 pair!! Can’t wait to see new stuff

  • אני קרויצר

    מחפשת מסגרת אדומה מלבנית למשקפי ראייה.
    את יוצרת מסגרות מרהיבות!

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