How To Shop Our Frames

Our online shop makes you feel like a kid in a candy store, both excited yet dazzled by the number of options? We can definitely relate. Choosing the right, stylish eyeglasses frame can be a little overwhelming, and no one really teaches how to approach this task. 

To solve this, we created a comprehensive guide to shopping for a Ronit Furst designer frame. In 3 minutes, you’ll know all the important things to pay attention to when buying a new eyeglass frame. Here we go! 


Each element of the frame has specific dimensions. In this website, they will be featured below every model, in this size chart:


The numbers are the dimensions of each part, and they are labeled as follows:  

  1. Bridge Width: 

Measures the distance between the nasal edges of one the lenses. This determines how the frame will be balanced on your nose. Too narrow may make it pinch your skin, while too wide may mean the lens will easily fall. 

  1. Lens Height:

Measures the number one millimeters from the lower edge of the frame to the upper edge. The lens height is important when measuring bifocals or progressive lenses.

  1. Lens Size: 

The total circumference of each lens from outer edge to bridge. 

  1. Temple:

The length of the temple (the bars on each side), from the point it touches the lens to the tip that sits on your ear. 

  1. Total width: 

Combines the total measures of both lenses and the bridge. 

Another important measurement is lens thickness, which should be taken into account based on your prescription. The higher your prescription, the thicker the lens should be. Most of our acetate frames are well-suited for the highest prescriptions. 

You should consider each of these measurements when choosing a frame that will be well-suited to your facial features and dimensions. 


Our catalogue offers a wide variety of patterns and color combinations. Click your preferred model (shape of frame) and browse through the various designs to choose the one that suits you best. If you wish to make changes to the pre-designed, hand painted options, we also allow customization

How to Customize your frame

Each design has a specific ‘color code’, which will be mentioned at the model’s title, for example: 


This frame’s model number is 5063 - a bold, extra-large cat-eye shape. The color code is 15 - from the multicolor collection.


If you wish to make changes to the design, follow these steps: 

  1. Once you have your mind set on a specific model, choose the color code by the front you wish your glasses to have. In the picture above, we chose color code 15. This means your frame will have the same front as shown in this color code.
  2. Scroll down to reach the “Customize” section. There, you’ll be able to choose between “designer’s choice” and “customize alone”. If you choose the latter, change both temples by writing the color code you wish to have. 
  • The right and left temples don’t have to match, and can be in different color codes. 
  • Almost every color that is featured in this website is available. 

  1. If you wish to add an inscription, our hand-painting artist can inscribe up to 15 letters to each temple. Write it in the “Additional comments” section. 
  2. You can also choose your preferred finish, to make it either regular (lacquered) or matte. 

That’s all! Our guide to shopping for a Ronit Furst hand-painted designer frame is complete! Let the shopping begin! 


  • Annette Foley Craigen

    I wish to purchase new glasses, where would I go in the U.K for a pair. I live in Grantham Lincs. but can easily get to London Annette Foley Craigen.

  • Muriel Lubin

    I feel in love with Prue Leith glasses when she was in the
    British patissiers TV program. The frame was red with branches half blue on one side and half green on the other.
    I wonder if it is still possible to buy these ?
    Thanks for your help.
    Best regards,
    Muriel Lubin

  • Honey Wedgle-Gesundheit

    I lost my Ronit sunglasses on Shabbat and want to replace them. Do you have a record of what I purchased?

  • Elizabeth Davies

    I am interested in these spectacles , do you have a catalogue to view and how do I go about purchasing them .

  • Liz Dzwig

    I love the designs but need new lenses as my prescription has changed. Are these glasses available in any optician in London?

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