Making Her story

Ronit Furst is a well-known Israeli sculptor and ceramics artist. As a child, imagination was her best friend, and her artistic spirit was apparent from a very young age. She surrounded herself in novels, films and music, which provided her with endless inspiration, that later on found its way to her own creations.
In 1986, Ronit and her husband, Ehud, were the owners of a ceramic homeware factory, where she was the sole designer and creative mastermind.

In 2002, they established their new eyewear brand, which gradually gained recognition due to their original, colourful designs. Eventually, they shifted focus, to keep up with demand, making Ronit Furst Eyewear their sole enterprise.

Ronit is a multidisciplinary artist with an inherent curiosity, which leads her to experiment with various fields, materials and techniques. Every skill she masters is applied to her work - from sculpting to eyewear design. To her, creativity and artistry are an inner driving force, and a way of life fueled by an individualistic approach.

Ronit's Studio

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