A Frame is Born

Our unique, design-centered manufacturing process was devised by us to allow production of large quantities without losing the artistic appearance of our frames. Each of our models is accurately designed to provide effortless comfortability. We invest many hours in fine-tuning the shapes, sizes and materials, to guarantee your new designer frame will not just be chic, but also functional and durable. Our frames are made of CNC machined acetate, coated with user-friendly lacquer and are equipped with state-of-the-art OBE flexUno ® hinges.

Our design team is a true gem, embodying sheer professionalism, inspiring creativity and radiant personality. Most team members have been with us for almost a decade, and each is a major contributor to the manufacturing process.


Carmela Mori-ya
Riki Yosepov
Irina Barski
Yana Gadofker
Sara Cohen

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