Double the fun and the style during FIFA World Cup, with the new Priscilla collection

The thrill of the game, the electricity in the air, and the dedication to the team, that's what soccer is all about. Bring together friends and fellow fans, and the excitement grows tenfold. There's nothing better than watching your favorite players play some of the world's best soccer.

Nothing beats getting into the spirit, wearing your team's colors, and showing your support. So how about adding a bit of pizazz by adding your team colors to your eyewear? 

Like a red card or a goal changes the game dramatically, why not change your look with Priscilla’s custom-made glasses specially designed with your team colors?  

We're excited to introduce our Priscilla line. It's large selection of unique colors, styles and shapes are guaranteed to get you into the FIFA World Cup spirit. 

The other fans will have a hard time finding something that makes such a strong impression and there is way anyone will be able to ignore you!

Here are the five best FIFA 2022 styles!




Fist on the soccer pitch is Argentina with their blue-and-white stripes trademark!

Who doesn’t love Argentina? With these matching blue rimmed glasses, you'll be sure to get almost as much attention as Messi scores a goal! Cheer your heart out with these classic cat-eyed glasses hand-painted for a unisex collection.


Bring in the blue without getting blues with BOLD EXTRA-LARGE CAT EYE 5063-SKYM




Next comes France with their Red & Blue! 

Now that’s what I call a true champion when you pair up these lovelies with your tees while supporting France. If you are a real FIFA fan, nothing will hold you back! Go that extra mile and add these vibrant Red & Blue hand painted frame. 

Rout for France, from head to toe! 

Grab these multi-functional pair right now and flaunt in style!



Welcome Senegal to the Grass, with their Red, Yellow, and Green.

Your vibrant team deserves vibrant fans. These Green and Red front glasses with their Yellow contour, are a choice that will guarantee you'll be a one-of-a-kind fan supporting a one-of-a-kind team.  

It’s that simple!!



 And here's one for Portugal, Go Red & Green!

The eccentric and refined look of these large round cat eyeglasses is second to none. Amazing functionality to offer a distinctive appearance from its first wear. Support the Portugal team with a simple but noticeable adjustment to your attire. And Priscilla is here to help you do it in style.

Bring your spirit on and order your red large round eyeglasses today!



And here comes Australia with its Blue and Red.

What do you think? Is it the time for Australia to show its strength? These Blue painted glasses with touches of Red and White, keep you true to the teams' spirit.

These neon blue with a blend of colors are the symbol of fortune that can give your team that extra bit of luck! Put your glasses on and see the game as you wish it to be…


Check them out here



Next up is Mexico – With their vibrant energy in Green and Red!

With a remarkable unbeaten streak (so far), Mexico brings hot blood and hot emotions to the field!

Show that you are a true Mexico fan with this timeless frame shape that is enhanced by artistic details in a transparent Green front with a Black Contour, Black and White checkers on the temples, and Opaque Red tips.

The sale will be over in a blink, so here's you link



We'd better not forget Wales, in their Striking Red, Green and White Jersey!   

When you say stylish you mean this pair of glasses. With a multicolor transparent Red and Green front with fine Opaque banding accentuated with Opaque edges and temples in Opaque teal and transparent Blue with micro stripes, these sophisticated and exceptionally stylish reading glasses are the ideal choice for those looking to add a wild touch to their stadium attire.

Check out these glasses here


Last but not least, simply because there are sooo many colors to choose from, here comes Senegal with their bright Yellow, Black, and White uniforms.

With its transparent yellow front and black contour, checkerboard temples, and opaque red tips, this style corresponds with glamour, drama, and a strong personality. All traits no pro soccer player can do without.

Bring in the drama – here's the link 


Get them now… We don’t know how long the stock last

These were some of Priscilla’s amazing options. With its wide range of unique colors, styles, and shapes, we're absolutely sure you'll find the pair that will get you into the FIFA World Cup spirit. 

Stand out, show your true colors, and represent your team with pride! 

Navigate to the one that falls perfectly to your special game and without further ado and…. Place your order. 


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