Introducing PRISCILLA - our latest collection!

We’re beyond thrilled to finally launch this creation!

PRISCILLA is painted in a new technique that allows extra-vivid colors. Every angle reveals a different tone - a feat achieved through meticulous craft of hand-painting each and every frame. No one can remain indifferent to the artistry behind these frames. 

 Ronit tells us the story and inspiration behind this exciting collection: 

“Every art piece has layers, depths, meanings and associations. 

The viewer only sees the tip of the iceberg - the final result of countless versions and endless back-and-forths that the artist went through to achieve just the right ‘flavor’. 


This is also the story behind ‘Priscilla’. 

The elaborate and distinctive style I created led me to explore the origins it grew from. 

Into my cauldron I poured inspirations from my past, my creations and my favorite art. 

First came my passion for graffiti and street art. In a sense, ‘Priscilla’ is a sequel to my 2020 ‘Graffiti’ collection, which showcased bold designs in red, white and black. 

Then, came my love of the cult-classic film ‘The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’. The wild colors, the extravagant style, the originality and the courage of this story were all major inspirations. 


To those, I added many other references:

The Fauvism artistic movement.

70’s fashion and music. 

The Beatles’ sparkling suits in Sgt. Pepper. 

Flower child aesthetic. 



Colors of the Caribbean.

And many other flavors, scents, sounds and images that come to my mind when I look at the complete collection”. 

We can’t wait to see these frames on you!