Milan, Here We Come!

In 2022 we celebrated 20 years in the business. In the beginning of 2023, we’ll participate for the first time in MIDO Milano - one of the world’s largest eyewear exhibitions. February 4-6, Booth LA55 - Hall 2. Come visit us if you’re around! 


Since first introduced in 2002, we made sure to always be the epitome of individuality; We kept our artistic approach always on top, and never lost sight of our core values. 20 years later, our creations are well loved and religiously worn by many around the world. No extensive marketing budget, flashy commercials or big-name brand ambassadors - It’s all thanks to your continuous support and genuine interest in our brand. 

As the eyewear business developed and grew more and more diverse, we made sure to never settle for following trends, but to be the trendsetters. As chief designer and creative director, Ronit maintained a multidisciplinary approach, and experimented in various fields, materials and techniques. The results were always never-before-seen collections that pushed the boundaries of what eyewear can be. 

Now we are coming to present all these collections at MIDO Milano for the first time, bringing a burst of joyful colors with us. Visit us and hear from Ronit herself the story and inspiration behind each frame. Your’e invited to visit booth LA55 in Hall 2 and see for yourself what happens when art meets the eye.



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