Farewell to Prue by Ronit Furst

“I Really believe that beautifully colorful glasses are a morale booster” 

- Prue Leith 

The beginning of 2023 marked the end of our incredible collaboration with entrepreneur, restaurateur and renowned chef Dame Prue Leith. 

The Prue by Ronit collection launched in late 2019, offering a range of non-hand-painted frames in the spirit of our classic Multicolor designs. This collaboration was an important milestone for us, and it’s a great occasion to look back at this innovative collection.

If you’d ask in 2019 what glasses does Prue Leith wear, the answer would have probably been Ronit Furst! Prue Leith specs are the cherry on top of the colorful ensembles for which she’s known for. She’s been an avid Ronit Furst wearer for over a decade prior to partnering with us. 


Right from the start, Prue and Ronit’s joint vision flowed naturally, and they created many eyewear pieces together. Each Prue Eyewear piece embodied joy, vibrancy and personality, yet also catered to a larger audience. 


Blue, red, green and purple were color-blocked alongside unique patterns including tortoise shell and rainbow stripes. It was a great capsule collection, bringing individuality to center stage. 

We wish to send our love and gratitude to Dame Prue Leith. Working with her has been a true pleasure and an amazing opportunity. Thank you. We can’t wait to see what beautiful things She’ll do next!





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