Redefining Freedom Through Art

The story of how the “Graffiti” Collection came to be.

Almost a decade ago, during a trip, I was strolling through the picturesque European streets of Amsterdam and saw for the first time the endless possibilities of street art.  

I was amazed by the unconventionality and uncensored creativity; Street art is all about freedom and protest - It is not created to please the inspecting eye of a curator, museum or gallery. It is not mediated by self-proclaimed tastemakers and art connoisseurs. It is the fruit of raw vision and limitless self-expression.

I became inspired, and started creating golden clay masks that I placed around personally significant locations in Amsterdam, and later in Tel-Aviv. I called them “Urban Jewelry”. As my fascination with street art grew, I took on a pseudonym and started creating graffiti murals. Naturally, I wanted my new-found inspiration to be translated into my eyewear designs.  

This was proven to be more difficult than expected, as dozens of my initial drafts were too eccentric. Eventually, after many tries, I found the perfect balance, and settled on three dominant patterns. I kept the front relatively minimal, and utilized the temples to be heavy on detail. Some models incorporate calligraphy with personal statements. 

As with street art, my designs also represent motifs of freedom and alternative approach to creativity. They do not abide by fashion trends or consensus aesthetics. If you like to see how the collection turned out, click here.

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