Through The Decades

Welcome to a vibrant journey through the decades with Ronit! Join me as we explore how each decade has left its mark on fashion and how these elements continue to inspire my creative process. Ready to dive into the rich tapestry of colors, shapes, and vibes that have defined each era? 


1950s: The Cat-Eye Craze 

The 1950s were all about sleek sophistication and embracing new styles. It was an era of glitz and glamor, with Hollywood providing endless fashion inspiration. It was a time of icons, and what’s more iconic than a dramatic cat-eye frame? Popularized by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marlyn Monroe, these frames took the world by a storm, bringing a sense of the big screen to everyday life.

Model 3472 in color Z13 perfectly captures the spirit of this era, fusing a slick black acetate with shimmering silver gilding. 





1960s: Butterfly for the Free-Spirited  

The 1960s burst onto the scene with bold, psychedelic colors and patterns, celebrating a freer, more experimental style. This was the era of peace signs, flower power, and the iconic butterfly glasses that became symbols of the hippie spirit. These large, expressive frames represented a departure from convention, embodying the decade's push for personal expression and freedom.

With its wing-like design and a palette of kaleidoscopic colors, Model 5040 in color PIH captures this vibrant era perfectly. It's as if this frame was plucked right out of Woodstock, ready to bring a bit of that 60s charm to today's fashion landscape.





1970s: Small Rounds for Earthy Connections  

The 1970s were a time of earthy tones and natural vibes, as the counterculture of the previous decade settled into a groove of environmental and holistic awareness. This era popularized the small round frames, famously worn by cultural icons like John Lennon, which symbolized a connection to simplicity and the larger universe.

This was the exact inspiration behind Model 2705 in color 42. Its compact, round lenses and understated color palette of greens and browns mirror the decade's return to nature. 





1980s: Bold Statements

The 1980s roared with an unapologetic embrace of excess and flamboyance. It was a decade defined by bold statements, both in fashion and in personality. Oversized square frames became the hallmark of this era, symbolizing power and confidence. With vibrant neons and daring designs, these glasses were not just accessories but declarations of individuality.

Model 5030 in color 50B  captures the essence of the 80s with its striking shape, bold rims and of course - dark neon hues.





1990s: Back to Basics

As the world leaned into the minimalism of the 1990s, eyewear followed suit. This era was all about thin metal lenses, classic rectangles and transparent plastic frames. 

Model 4629 in color KL0 is a minimalist rectangular frame which perfectly reflects  the decade’s understated and sophisticated aesthetic. 

Whether you're drawn to the delicate elegance of the '50s or the bold statements of the '80s, there's a frame in our collection to match every trend and every personality. Want a personalized list of recommendations, inspired by your favorite decade? Try the Custom Match service here >