2707 Round Bold Edges

A colorful homage to the history of eyewear; a sixties-inspired small round frame features truly circular lenses, thin rims, a standard bridge and fine temples.

Round glasses were the prototype of all modern eyewear, as the first documented spectacles (on a portrait of a 13th century scribe) were round. As decades went by, eyeglasses became more than just a functional item - they were a fashion statement. Due to their versatility and ability to complement almost every face shape, round frames remain persistently popular.

Our model is assembled with hinges by German supplier OBE and available in 45 meticulously designed and hand-painted colors. You can adjust the lenses to your need - Progressive, reading or Sunglasses. If you wish to personalize your frame, Mix & Match the temples (sides) and rim (front) with a desired design from any of our collections. In addition we will gladly add your name or a dedication by painting it inside one of the temples.