9214 Large Squarish

A style beyond definition; This large squarish frame is not quite square and not quite round. The fluid approach to structure in these unique eyeglasses delivers an intriguing shape with free-form attributes.

The handmade acetate frame is extremely light and durable, making these the perfect glasses for day-to-day use. The main elements of the frame - the rims, the bridge and the temples - are slim and clean-lined, while the upper outer edges are distinctly bolder.

Our model is assembled with hinges by German supplier OBE and available in 46 meticulously designed and hand-painted colors. You can adjust the lenses to your need - Progressive or sun. If you wish to personalize your frame, Mix & Match the temples (sides) and rim (front) with a desired design from any of our collections. In addition we will gladly add your name or a dedication by painting it inside one of the temples.