They say it's the greatest city on earth, and it might be debatable, but to me it’s the truth. New-York City - for all it’s ethos vs. myths, opulence vs. simplicity, grandeur vs. lowliness - really is one of my favourite cities. It’s wonderfully complicated, unbelievably harsh and completely inspiring.

One of the earliest instances of me feeling utter fascination with NYC was when I watched Woody Allen’s films, and particularly “Manhattan” and “Annie Hall”. The wide shots of the city with the opening monologue (which was a love letter to Allen’s hometown), had me completely glued to the screen. Since then, I’ve visited New-York almost every year.

In one of these visits, I went for a walk in Central Park. It was the peak of Autumn and as the leaves were falling, the park was painted in warm earth-toned shades: Tangerine, Mahogany, Sage, Olive, Mustard, Maroon and more.

I felt like I was in a movie scene, but one that stood in such contrast to the monochromatic colors in “Manhattan”. Yet the city was still the city. The iconic skyline, the aura of greatness and the sense of endless possibilities were all still there.

I decided to translate this moment to a new collection. Based on the color palette of Central Park in the fall. I designed minimalist, clean patterns and added a matte finish to elevate the fall-like feel.
The result is the embodiment of my view of Manhattan.