3475 Extra-Large Cat-Eye

Iconic glam inspired by technicolor; Bring your inner star to life with this designer cat-eye frame. The dramatic angle complements many face shapes, and creates a cheekbone-lifting effect.

Cat-eye frames were all the rage on red carpets and on the big screen in the 1950’s, as Audry Hepburn and Sophia Loren boasted them regularly. Today, they are just as fabulous, and add a nostalgic nod to any attire.

Our model is assembled with hinges by German supplier OBE and available in 32 meticulously designed and hand-painted colors. You can adjust the lenses to your need - Progressive or sun. If you wish to personalize your frame, Mix & Match the temples (sides) and rim (front) with a desired design from any of our collections. In addition we will gladly add your name or a dedication by painting it inside one of the temples.