Although associated with negative aesthetics, I think asymmetry can be beautiful, and moreover - much more interesting. Art is not just about representing what society perceives as beautiful by default. An artist can reclaim the idea of ‘ugly’ and reinterpret it to something absolutely beautiful.

After creating eyeglasses frames with vivid colors and unconventional designs I wanted to push boundaries a little further, and hand-paint asymmetrical patterns. The challenge? Creating a design that will look cohesive and not distracting.

But I found the perfect balance of shape and color. The designs in this collection appear “normal” at first glance, yet when looking closely, the asymmetric patterns and attention to detail become visible. Each angle tells a different story.

To elevate the irregular patterns even more, I chose rich, strong and vivid colors that lean towards a more dark, saturated hue - Autumn leaves, Burgundy and Violet to name a few. This color palette was inspired by winter fruits - Pomegranates, Oranges, Blueberries, Raspberries, Persimmons etc.
And the reason it’s called The Winter Berries Collection.