Hemingway is my favourite writer, and a constant inspiration. In 2014, I created a retrospective exhibition. One of the pieces was a painting re-interpreting the 1938 short story “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” and a series of photographs of Hemingway on a hunting trip, posing with a leopard. I used warm colors, as the leopard print was the main theme and the element I wanted to highlight.

This painting to me represents the inevitable yet always fascinating clash of man and nature; Of intellect and emotions; Of social norms and basic instincts.

With these thoughts in mind, I created The Hemingway Collection. The colors are of the wild and natural: Rich greens, deep yellows, pale pinks. The Tortoise Shell - my variation to the leopard print - is a recurring pattern in many models. The frame shapes and matte finish, on the other hand, represent the intellectual, tamed and structural.